Tewah Alluvial Gold

Positive Feasibility completed
750,000 ounce gold resource
U.S. $93.00/oz au equivalent
17 year plus production life
Additional 2 million ounce gold resource identified on riverbanks
Exploration upside in meanders
Production dredge identified
Seeking production financing of U.S. $ 8.5 million

To date, some U.S.$ 5 Million has been invested in the completion of a Bankable Feasibility Study on the Project.  In so doing, we have established the location of alluvial gold ore in the river gravels and the river terraces, and have selected the best available engineering methods for recovery and processing.  This is proprietary Waseco information, which continues to have value.  While the Company has abondoned its interest in the Contract of Work, through its investment, knowledge and data, it continues to hold potential value should funding be made available to advance the project to production.

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