Block III – Quebec Labrador Trough

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Block III originally encompassed 36 claims, covering approximately 1,700 hectares.  In 2006, the land position was increased substantially by the addition of a further 254 claims. Now, the total Block III land package consists of  290 claims, covering some 13,775 hectares.  A detailed airborne geophysical survey of the property was completed last fall as well as an initial geochemical sampling program.

Highlights of the geophysical survey and interpretation are as follows:

• Nine (9) large  zones of Uranium enrichment;
A “zone” in this study is defined as having an extension approaching or exceeding 1 Kilometre in measurement and of amplitude exceeding 7.5 ppm eU;

• One hundred and forty nine (149) discrete Uranium anomalies;
A discrete “anomaly” is defined as a circular or elliptical shaped anomaly, usually of limited diameter (<700 metres) and of high amplitude (>9.0 ppm eU) that is distinct from/or hosted in a Uranium zone.

Definition of eU (Source: IAEA Report  IAEA-TECDOC-1363, July 2003): Uranium concentration estimates are based on the measurement of 214Bi and 214Pb isotope abundances. These occur far down in the radioactive decay chain and may not be in equilibrium with uranium. Estimates of uranium concentration are indirect and therefore reported as “equivalent uranium” (eU) as these estimates are based on the assumption of equilibrium conditions. The units are in parts per million (ppm).

BLOCK 3. #234 CARIBOU: total of 24 claims, located 130 kms N.E. of Block 1.  Extract from report by Uranerz 1979: INDIAN LAKE AREA Radiometric zone 150m long and width 1 to 2 meters.

Grabs: 1.26% U3O8, 0.42% U3O8, 0.13% U3O8
Caribou showing area: Mineralized showing 50m long and 25m wide.

Rock sampling sheets provide analyses on samples taken. (Page 6) up to 0.53% U308. A report by C. Robert states: “uranium occurs in a zone extending over l50m long varying up to 2.0m wide with uranium associated with vanadium adsorbed in the matrix of the rock with values up to 6.41%. The matrix represents up to 30% of the rock. The mineralization is so fine that the minerals of uranium and vanadium could not be identified.” Other Ministry reports indicate grab samples-

1.26% U308 and 0.055% Th02
0.42% U308 and 0.13% Th02 and 1.10% Cu



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